Monday, October 5, 2015

Tom nails his wedding speech!

I have to share this testimonial, because it shows what kind of turnaround is possible when someone looks for the help they need and is willing to practice a bit to build their confidence.

I saw Tom's speech, and he's not exaggerating, he really did nail it! In fact, he delivered it even better than he had in any of our practice runs.

As Tom says, he completed the standard 5 hour coaching programme, and together, we shaped a winning speech. But when the moment of truth comes round, my clients need to stand on their own 2 feet, and, because Tom did the work, he reaped the rewards and did himself proud.

Nice one Tom!

Here's what he very kindly shared with me in an email yesterday:


Absolute lifesaver!

This program is brilliant! My name is Tom, I'm a 32 year old tradesman (so excuse my amateur writing) and I got married August 2015. 

Before this the only experiences I had with public speaking were horrendous. The first was my Joint 30th birthday where my partner snatched the mic from me midway through because it was going so bad! And the second was my stag: 24 close mates and I still fumbled, couldn't string a sentence together, forgot to thank the best man and ended up just raising a glass and saying "thanks everyone". 

After each attempt I was kicking myself because I thought I prepared enough, but obviously not.

The idea of standing up in front of 130 people was weighing on me, all these people are coming to our day and I wanted to sincerely thank them for it and I want to be able to tell my new wife how much she means to me without sounding like an idiot. I needed help.

This is where Derek comes in, my brother (best man) put me onto him. Derek's programme is so simple but very effective. I had two sessions with him, the first was 2 hours breaking down everything got to do with a speech, like what is nervousness and how to overcome it, what is the formula for a good speech and delivery.

The second was around 3 hours on the actual speech. I had the foundation of one wrote out which Derek helped me tweak and word it in a way that flowed better, he's a genius at this. When we were happy with it we practiced it for an hour and he left. Simple.

When the day came I had prepared as much as I could I was still nervous but ready for it... and I absolutely nailed it if I do say so myself. I was getting compliments all night and I couldn't have felt better about it, all thanks to Derek's coaching.

I highly recommend this programme to anyone, even as a life lesson, it's given me confidence where I had none before and I want to thank Derek again for all his help, hes a lifesaver.