Happy Clients!

"Before this the only experiences I had with public speaking were horrendous... The idea of standing up in front of 130 people was weighing on me...I needed help. 

Derek's programme is so simple but very effective... When the day came I had prepared as much as I could. I was still nervous but ready for it... and I absolutely nailed it if I do say so myself. I was getting compliments all night and I couldn't have felt better about it, all thanks to Derek's coaching.

I want to thank Derek again for all his help, hes a lifesaver."
- Tom, 32, Groom
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"I would highly recommend Derek & No More Nerves to anyone who has an interview coming up. My confidence has definitely grown and he made the process stress free. Thanks again Derek."
- Brenda, 34, Going for Promotion
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"Making a speech at my wedding was very important to me, as a personal achievement, but also to get up and thank the special people in my life and especially my new husband! I was nervous at the thought of getting up in front of 140 people but Derek suggested I think of it as getting up in front of a group of friends. He taught me lots of tips to help me calm my nerves and feel more confident. He also had a look at my speech and how I was delivering it and gave some very useful advice in order to improve it. Well, I gave my speech and it was one of the highlights of my whole wedding day! I got an amazing reaction from the guests and had many people tell me that it was the best speech of the night:-) Thank you very much Derek, I would definitely recommend you to others."
  - SinĂ©ad, 29, Bride

"I contacted Derek to get some help regarding my groom speech for my upcoming wedding. I was extremely anxious about the thoughts of it and had previous bad experiences doing work presentations and any type of public speaking. Derek then expertly explained to me why our bodies behave in these ways, how common it is and how it can be overcome. Once we broke through the fear factor, we were then able to focus on constructing and delivering a speech that I was then looking forward to.

On the day itself, my groom speech went even better than expected, it was delivered confidently and articulately and needless to say I was over the moon and felt a great sense of achievement. Derek is extremely knowledgeable in his field and is an excellent communicator and I would highly recommend him to anyone in similar situations."
- Brian, 37, Groom

"Derek came to the rescue last year when I wanted to make a speech at my wedding. I could usually talk six feet under water but the thought of standing up and making a calm, articulate and succinct speech with all eyes on me made me absolutely terrified. The coaching Derek gave me was amazing. His expertise in this field are outstanding and the way he listened, encouraged and gave me practical advice was just awesome. Derek has an energy and way with words which make you believe you can do anything. His calmness, positivity and confidence rubbed off and not only did the speech go well, I loved every minute"
- Angela, 30, Bride

"You have to get this training - it will change your life! I learned the skills for my best man speech, but they have stood to me every day since then. Also, Derek is the most positive, patient and enthusiastic person I've ever met"
- Dave, 34, Best Man

"When I first thought about my wedding speech, my face went pale and I had a sudden urge to elope! Derek explained how being nervous affects performance and taught me lots of ways to overcome this. Needless to say, I made it through the speech and did myself (and my new wife!) proud.”
- Michael, 28, Groom

"If you're lacking confidence, Derek is your man! I've had the pleasure working with him in a professional organisation and I can confidently say he is a true professional and would recommend anyone to contact him in the first instance for nerves, speeches, wedding speeches and for open room presentations!"
- Regina, Event Organiser

"I was always very nervous about job interviews and didn't have the confidence to sell myself enough. Derek really inspired me and gave me practical tips that put my confidence and my performance through the roof."
- Aoife, 32, Going for Promotion