Take Control

It can be tempting to think that no one else feels nervous like you do, so it's important to acknowledge how you're really feeling and to seek support and guidance from others. 

Joining a public training workshop, or a large group like Toastmasters may be options, but at the same time, so many No More Nerves clients felt that this was too far out of their comfort zone and didn't feel right for them (at least not yet).

Instead, I provide a discreet, tailored coaching service where 100% of my attention, expertise and support is for YOU.

This has worked for people of all ages, in all sorts of situations:

  • Wedding parties – best men, grooms, brides, bridesmaids and parents
  • Anyone nervous about attending an interview
  • People who need to make presentations in their working life - sales people, business owners, managers, teachers, students
  • Those who feel nervous or anxious in social situations

I provide effective, one-to-one coaching that will give you the skills and confidence you need to perform, no matter how little experience you have. If you do have experience, I'll help you hone your skills and take you to the next level.

I will also coach you through other life events like changing careers or going for work promotions and will help you to build your confidence, reach your goals and achieve top performance.

Watch the 3 minute introduction video for a short overview of services.

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A Tried and Tested Approach

To help you achieve your goals, I've designed the No More Nerves coaching programme, including my powerful CADET model (where you will learn about Content, Audience, Delivery, Environment and Tips). The content and approach are always tailored for your specific needs.
This involves:
  • Assessing your areas for development
  • Providing appropriate teaching, instruction and guidance
  • Revising your speech / presentation with you to make it the best it can be
  • Lots of practice and rehearsal in a "safe" environment
  • Giving you helpful, useful tips and feedback
  • Empowering you so that you can control your fear and nervousness - for good!

The standard one-on-one coaching programme is 5 hours long, run over 2 sessions, usually in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Standard rates can be found here

We'll develop your skills for life in a friendlyrelaxed way that makes learning both exciting and enjoyable.

Make sure you read the comments from some previous clients who once felt like you do now. 

For more detailed information, have a read of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

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