Friday, January 11, 2013

Wedding Speech Resources #2

In the first instalment of my Wedding Speech Resources series, I mentioned how I get my clients to collect all their ideas and bring a first draft to the coaching session. But what if they’re having a problem actually coming up with the ideas in the first place?  There’s nothing as off-putting as a blank page, so it often helps to have a few ideas or concepts to work off.

To overcome the blank-page-blues, is a resource I often point people to. It has LOADS of content and it’s all stored under relevant headings like ‘Opening lines’, ‘Humorous wedding observations’, ‘toasts’ etc. As always, I’d caution you about copying the lines directly, but reading a few of these is nearly always enough to get your own creative juices flowing. It also has tonnes of well written articles and guides for you to read through.

You get access to just a few of the items for free and then you have to pay for a password*, but it’s no more than the cost of a few pints – or a book on wedding speeches!

*note- I’m not affiliated with this site and don’t make any money from it – I just think it’s a great resource worth sharing!