Friday, December 14, 2012

Wedding Speech Resources #1

Writing a wedding speech can be pretty tough, whether you're the best-man, groom, bride, or one of the parents. Maybe you have lots of ideas and stories, but are struggling with the wording, or to link them together with the right flow. Not everyone is a natural writer so, thankfully, the internet has spawned lots of speech-writing resources. I thought I'd throw in my tuppence worth and share a few of the good sites that I've come across. Most of them are aimed at the best-man, but you'll see that they're relevant for everyone who needs to make a speech.

When I work with my No More Nerves clients, part of their homework is to capture all of their ideas and bring along a first draft that we can work on together. Our aim is for them to create a wedding speech that has a familiar structure (I'll talk about this again in the future - familiar doesn't have to mean overly-traditional or formulaic) and which contains a touch of originality and style that is appropriate for both speaker and audience.

This video, from Best Man Speech Insight, gives a lot of good advice for delivering a winning speech. He also has a very useful blog you can read, here

Remember, though, getting the speech written is only the first step - to change those words into a real speech that you'll be proud of, and that your family and friends will remember (for the right reasons!) contact me to arrange some coaching!